Ensalada Canaria - 5.50€
Fresh tomatoes, goats cheese and a sweet balsamic dressing.

Arco Iris - 7.50€
Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, sweet corn, olives, onion, carrot, red cabbage with a choice of either: chicken or tuna or goats cheese.

Ensalada Caprese - 6.50€
Mozzarella, tomatoes, black olives with home made pesto.

Ensalada Verde - 7.50€
A bed of fresh mixed leaves, avocado, tomato, fresh mozzarella and fresh garlic mushrooms, with a sweet balsamic dressing.

Ensalada Caesar - 7.50€
Chicken, parmesan, lettuce, Caesar dressing topped with croutons.

Ensalada Canela - 7.50€
Tandoori chicken strips on a bed of mixed leaves, red onion, cucumber and coriander dressed with a herby yoghurt dressing.

Ensalada Lajares - 7.50€
A salad mixed leaves topped with poached pears, Gorgonzola cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and crispy serrano ham, dressed with a walnut oil.

Ensalada del Campo - 7.50€
A salad of mixed leaves topped with crisp apple, goats cheese, walnuts, raisins, tomato and carrots with a honey-mustard dressing.

Ensalada de bosque - 7.50€
A salad of mixed leaves, fresh raw mushrooms, parmesan, sundried matoes, crispy serrano with a balsamic reduction.



A tortilla stuffed with guacamole, cheese, salsa and also a filling of your choice:

  • chilli con carne,
  • bean chilli,
  • or chicken.

All Served with salad

menu-pastaLasagna &Pasta

Beef Lasagne - 7.50€

Vegetable Lasagne - 7.00€
roasted pumkin and spinach.

Ravioli - 8.00€
fresh filled with spinach and ricotta

  • Tomato sauce with fresh basil.
  • Mushroom sauce with parmesan and rocket.
  • Gorgonzola and walnuts.
  • Pesto and sundried tomatoes.

Taglilioni (fresh)

  • Prawns, sundried tomatoes, chilli and garlic topped with rocket - 8.50€
  • Home made meatballs in a tomato sauce - 8.50€
  • Tomato sauce with basil and black olives - 7.50€
  • Pesto and sundried tomatoes - 7.50€
  • Gorgonzola and walnuts - 7.50€


All burgers are home-made and served with a salad and chips.
(potatoes of the day + 0.50€)

Beef Burger - 6.50€
100% beef burger served with cheese.

Tandoori chicken breast burger - 6.50€
with lettuce and a herby yoghurt dressing.

Veggie burger - 6.50€
with goats cheese.

Falafel burger - 6.50€
made from chickpeas and spices served in pita bread with salad, yoghurt or chilli sauce.

Completo - 7.00€
Beef burger OR Veggie burger with bacon, egg, cheese, lettuce, onion and tomato.

Bacon BBQ - 7.00€
Beef burger OR Veggie burger with bacon, BBQ sauce and cheese.

Briezy - 7.50€
Beef burger or Veggie burger with onion marmalade, brie and rocket

Mexicano - 7.50€
Beef burger or Veggie burger with gorgonzola and poached pear.

Azul Rico - 7.50€
Beef burger or Veggie burger with gorgonzola and poached pear.

Italiano - 7.50€
Beef burger or Veggie burger with mozzarella, pesto and roasted peppers.

Viva España - 7.50€
Beef burger or Veggie burger with goats cheese, serrano ham, tomato and rocket.

& Wraps

Choose your baguette and try in our Foccacia  4.50€

Avocado Bravado - 3.00€
Chicken, bacon, guacamole, lettuce, honey, mustard mayo.

Pesto Presto - 3.50€
Mozzarella, sundried tomato, roasted peppers, pesto, lettuce.

Chilli Delight - 3.00€
Brie, bacon, lettuce, rocket, sweet chilli sauce.

Tuna Temptation - 3.00€
Tuna, red onion, pepper, tomato, mayo, oregano.

Orient Express - 3.00€
Tuna, pepper, lettuce, coriander, sweet chilli, mayo.

Veggie Melt - 3.00€
Aubergine, courgette, peppers, melted goats cheese.

Caesar - 3.00€
Chicken, parmesan, lettuce, Caesar dressing.

Philly Deluxe - 3.00€
Philadelphia, tuna, black olives, rosemary.

Canela - 3.00€
Chicken, chorizo, tomato, red onion, mixed leaves, mayo

Local - 3.50€
Serrano ham, tomato, mixed leaves, goats cheese.

Steak Club - 3.50€
Roast beef, home-made onion marmalade, mustard mayo.

Hummin Veggie - 3.00€
Aubergine, courgette, peppers, hummus, guacamole.

BBQ Ranch - 3.50€
Roasted shredded bbq pork shoulder, cheese, coleslaw

Curry Hurry - 3.00€
Chicken, curried mayonnaise, lettuce, raisins.

Argie Bargie - 3.00€
Home-made onion bhajee, lettuce, mango chutney, cucumber.

Italiano - 3.50€
Mozzarella, serrano ham, tomato, mixed leaves, pesto

Mediterranean - 3.00€
goats cheese, black olives, mixed leaves, tomato.

Extra fillings - 0.50€

Extra serrano ham, mozzarella, goats cheese, rocket, brie, roast beef - 1.00€

Starter Snacks

Pan de Ajo - 2.00€
Toasted baguette smothered in garlic butter.
- With cheese - 2.50€

Bhajee de Cebolla - 3.50€
Home-made onion bhajees served with mango chutney.

Bruschetta - 3.90€
Toasted baguette, rubbed with garlic topped with fresh tomatoes and basil dressed with sweet balsamic.

Champiñones - 4.00€
Fresh mushrooms coated in breadcrumbs and deep fried served with a garlic mayo.

Nachos con Queso - 4.00€
Crispy corn nachos baked in the oven with salsa and cheese served with guacamole.
- add chilli con carne or 3 bean chilli for 1.00€

Humus - 5.50€
Home-made humus served with toasted strips of pita bread accompanied by fresh vegetables.

Queso Gratinado - 6.50€
A toasted baguette topped with grilled goats cheese, olives and roasted peppers drizzled with honey and chives.

Pollo Sésamo - 5.50€
Fresh chicken fingers coated in sesame breadcrumbs served sweet chilli sauce.

Gambas chinas - 6.50€
Home-made prawns wrapped in Chinese pastry along with vegetables, ginger and coriander served with sweet chilli sauce.

Berenjenas fritas - 6.50€
Aubergine chips, smothered in honey topped with goats cheese.

Mozzarella entera - 6.50€
A whole mozzarella with a dressed tomato salad, serrano ham and bread sticks.

menu-extraExtra & Sides

Chips - 2.00€

Coleslaw - 1.50€

Potatoes - 3.00€

Mixed vegetables - 2.50€

Hummus - 1.50€

Pepper sauce - 1.50€

Mushroom sauce - 1.50€

Blue Cheese sauce - 1.50€

Mixed salad - 3.50€


Costillas - 10.50€

A whole rack of roasted baby back ribs basted in BBQ sauce.

(Half rack - 7.50€)

Pollo Relleno - 9.00€

Fresh chicken breast stuffed with a mushroom garlic butter then wrapped with bacon served in a creamy sauce.

Solomillo de Cerdo - 10.50€

Medallions of pork fillet with sage and Serrano ham, pan fried and finished with white wine sauce

Pato Hoi Sin - 12.50€

Half a roasted duck, smothered in hoi-sin sauce served with julienne vegetables and basmati rice.

Curry de Calabaza - 8.00€

A mild creamy curry of roasted pumpkin, white beans and fresh spinach served with basmati rice, yoghurt salad, topped with a poppadum.

Pollo Tandoori - 9.00€

Strips of fresh tandoori chicken cooked along with onions and peppers, served with a curry sauce, basmati rice, yoghurt salad, topped with a poppadum.

Berenjena Parmigiana - 8.00€

Slices of lightly fried aubergine layered with home-made tomato sauce and plenty of parmesan cheese and served with garlic bread.

Curry Thai - 10.50€

A green thai curry of hake and prawns, served with basmati rice and a cucumber salad.

Chuletas de Cordero - 9.50€

Lamb chops marinated in a fresh herb rub, grilled to your requirements.

Chilli de Alubias - 8.00€

A mexican chilli of kidney beans, chickpeas and white beans served with rice, nachos and salad.

Entrecote - 12.50€

Grilled sirloin steak, cooked to your requirements; with a choice of sauce, peppercorn, mushroom or blue cheese.

Solomillo - 15.50€

Grilled fillet steak, cooked to your equirements; with a choice of sauce: peppercorn, mushroom or blue cheese.

Surf Y Turf - 16.50€

Medallions of fillet steak cooked to your equirements, topped with prawns cooked in garlic butter.

Tagliata - 13.00€

Grilled sirloin steak, cooked to your requirements topped with rocket and parmesan and a balsamic reduction.

menu-crownAll main courses (unless stated) are served with either potatoes & vegetables of the day or chips & coleslaw.

All food is created and prepared to order so please allow a reasonable cooking time especially at busy periods. Thank you. Please see specials boards for today's specials. IGIC (7%) Not included.